Medical Reports, Forms & SARs

Medical/Insurance Reports & Form

If you have a medical/insurance form that you need a Doctor to complete, please hand this in at reception or send to our email

Please note, we require consent when providing information to third parties, so please ensure you have signed the consent form included on your report before handing it in.

Non-urgent advice: We require pre-payment, please find fee below:

Medium Report: £40.00

Detailed Report: £60.00

Driving Medical Examination & Report: £100.00

Power of Attorney Reports: Simple report £80.00 — Report with Examination £150.00

(These fees do not reflect reports that are sent to us directly from insurance companies, fees for these are decided using BMA guidelines).

Please note: we advise up to 2 weeks for medical/insurance reports to be completed


If you have a form/letter i.e. housing, council, airline, gym, employers, blue badge, please hand them/or the request in to reception or alternatively email us.

Non-urgent advice: We require pre-payment, please find fee below:

Short form/Standard Letter: £25.00

Private Sick Note: £15.00

Private Insurance Validation Forms: £30.00

Holiday Insurance Form: £25.00

Please note: we advise up to 2 weeks for forms/letters to be completed from the date we receive payment.

Subject Access Requests (Copy Notes)

If you have a Subject Access Request (need to request copies of your medical history), please provide this as a written request into reception, alternatively email your request to

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

Requests can take up to 30 days to complete, please keep this in mind when requesting. This can be extended to an additional 30 days, depending on the size record/request.

Additionally, we do not charge for these requests; however, in certain cases we may ask for a fee to be paid i.e. the request is unfounded, excessive, repetitive. For more information regarding this please see our Policies.